digital converter coupon

cable or satellite programming and have an analog television it might be a good time to reconsider subscribing to such a service. Its nice that the government at least has a program to ease the burden of purchasing a converter box for many households. What this means for some households is that if you receive your television signal over the air and you only have an analog television you will no longer be able to watch television without a converter box. Thats not a bad deal considering the improved reception you will get as a result of that purchase. Depending upon whether local stations are already broadcasting in digital, those who purchase a converter box dont have to wait until next year to begin using. You only need one if you receive your broadcasts over the air and you do not already have a television with a digital tuner.

Converter boxes are expected to range in price between US50 and US70. A deadline is fast approaching. Consumers with a US40 coupon from the federal government will only be responsible for the remaining balance.

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Keep in mind that if you have cable or satellite television you dont need the converter box. Converter boxes arent free, but at least the federal government is willing to help out with the purchase a bit. I understand though that some people may not have such an option for geographic or economic reasons. Thats why its probably a good idea to go ahead and apply for the coupons now. Keep in mind, there are US50 converter boxes out there so with a US40 coupon you are only going to be out US10. They can begin to enjoy the benefits of the clearer digital signal now. You can go to the special DTV2009 website to apply for up to two US40 coupons off the cost of a digital-to-analog converter box. Beginning February 17, 2009 television stations around the country will stop broadcasting analog signals and switch to 100 digital broadcasts. A list of eligible converter boxes are listed on this website. Though, I dont imagine there are really a ton of households that need. Now keep in mind if you have cable or satellite television you dont need a converter box. Read more from the, dTV2009 website.

Seriously, there is an application to get your digital converter coupon. Apparently you have to be approved for a coupon.