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a weapon or armor containing Knights Of The Round MP Turbo. When leaving the room, he will offer to join the party. Stay at the inn (for 10 gil and buy the item in the vending machine that costs 200 gil. He will explain the controls in this part of the game. Diamond Tiara, talk to the man in the materia shop, and agree to go to the inn.

Grenade, explosive damage against one opponent, shrapnel. Then, get into a battle with a Heavy Tank. Wall Market, wig, wall Market, blonde Wig, wall Market.

For example, if four materia are equipped the Air Tam Stomp will take off 4444 HP points, five materia will result in 5555 HP points and. Give them the Digestive, and they will give you the Sexy Cologne as a token of their thanks. Getting a Gold Chocobo : Get a Green Chocobo by mating two Great Chocobos or two Good Chocobos. Your party will be able to go down to the space pod or up the ladder to the right to the huge materia. Using this and the Quad-Magic combo can take almost 40,000 hit points from one attack round alone. Kill two characters, then enter the battle with Ruby Weapon. He will notice your Pharmacy Coupon and offer you one of three items in exchange. Equip the new Materia and ram into Ruby, who is minding its own business in Gold Saucer.

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